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Architectural Design Services

Overview: To insure the greatest success of every building project, there must first be a dedicated planning and design process. 

This success begins with an idea and a conceptual approach to creating something wonderful and lasting, something timeless and of great character,

strength, warmth, and reward.  We understand this and greatly care, and we will always strive to create that perfect plan for each individual client. 

Every detail is important, every measurement and fit must be exacting, and every desire must be met.  For attention to detail, curb and resale appeal

and well planned living and work spaces in your new residence or commercial structure, let our architectural staff assist in or fully handle your next project. 

Custom Tailored Services: The majority of homes we product for clients are based on partial to full custom design.

Two examples of custom design are previewed below.

From White Eagle's Yankee Handcrafted Series, The Eagle Creek and The Clearcreek Valley plans.

Both of these designs are also featured in our White Eagle Design Gallery 1 page on this web site. 

In this series you will also find The Snow Valley, The Caribou Ridge, The Boulder Lodge, along with The Eagle Creek and The Clearcreek Valley. 

Additional galleries are also featured, including plans of The Drafting Cottage, The Spring Brook, and The Smokey Gap. 

The photo galleries feature front and rear elevations and all floor plans, while descriptions of the amenities are also provided. 

Information to purchase mini prints of any of these designs is also included on the web page noted above.

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From Concept, As Through A Glass Darkly

To A Handcrafted Timber Framed Reality

From Log Post & Beam Conceptuals

To Finished Drawings, Ready For Handcrafting

Detail Sheets: Details for your architectural renderings include specifics such as indicated below in the timber frame drawings of The Eagle Creek. 

These drawings are essential for the successful planning, as well as necessary for the handcrafting and construction of the project. 

Dimensioning, joinery connections, timber specifics and more are provided, along with floor plans, elevations, foundation plan, SIPS panel plans

and floor framing plans.   An electrical plan, and other typical construction details also included or available upon request. 

Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

Timber Frame Details 1

Timber Frame Details 2

Timber Frame Details 3

Timber Frame Details 4

Cross Section Views: One more important architectural sheet which can be added is the cross section. 

This view "through" the layers of the structure and design can document a large amount of information pertaining to

Footings, foundations, walls, floors, roof structure, roof pitch, floor to floor heights, support locations,

layers of applied materials, stair run and rise, connections, mechanicals, and other necessary details. 

Featured below is an example of a handcrafted Douglas Fir roof structure supplied to another log large home company and their clients.  

The project called for milled and squared log with dovetailed corners, while using our log roof for much of the roof structure,

in addition to all supporting posts, and other log accents.  Even the preliminary cross section proved to be an essential asset for this project. 

White Eagle reset crew technicians teamed up with the local builder of this project

for a successful resetting of the Douglas Fir handcrafted log roof package materials.

The Dubois Project - A Handcrafted Log Roof On Dovetailed Logs

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Creative Designs: Here are a few more examples of our CAD capabilities, and the creative designs available in

our Handcrafted Log or our Western Series MillCrafted Log selections. 

For assistance on design, contact the architectural design staff at White Eagle:

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The Malone, 3D Perspective

The Snoqualmie Pass, Interior View

The Barry, 3D Perspective

The Camden Farms, Perspective

Photo Realistic Presentations: 

Here are some examples of the kinds of details available and selections of timber framed designs, such as The Merrimack. 

Enjoy lifelike realism is 3D views, and features such as wood grain, joinery, isometric views

and even fully animated walk through movies of your future home. 

Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

The Merrimack, Timber Frame Perspective

The Merrimack, Completed Design

Corbel Brackets, 3D View

Timber Frame Porch Perspective

Two Storey Timber Frame Bent, Modified Queen Post Truss

Two Storey Timber Frame Bent, Hammerbeam Truss

Two Storey Timber Frame Bent, Scissors Truss

Bent & Frame Options Available

Scissors Truss / Curved Tie Combination View From Loft

Post, Braces, & Header For Covered Pergola Walk

Timber Frame Isometric View 4

Timber Frame Isometric View 3

Hammerbeam View From Loft

ScissorTruss View From Loft

Timber Frame Isometric View 1

Timber Frame Isometric View 2


Fees: Our architectural design fees are very reasonable, custom tailored for each individual client and project. 

If you already have your plans, we can simply provide all of the expertly crafted and high quality log or timber framed materials required for your project, 

along with any of the construction services, ongoing consultation service, or other accessories and materials that you may have need of. 

The EagleCrafters Planning Guide & Portfolio features dozens of exciting plans and colored photos, and an abundance of valuable information 

to help you plan and design your new dream home or special project.  Just click on the link: EagleCrafters Planning Guide & Portfolio

More Free Online Plans & Information:  Currently this web site features hundreds of plans and photos, and volumes of quality information. 

For attractive and printable FAQ's, Plans, and Photos & Information Fliers, visit:  FAQ's & Printable Fliers.

Free Colored Brochure: To receive a free colored brochure, go to our Free Colored Brochure & CD page.

Just fill out the online form and then submit.

Assistance?  Let us help you realize your dream.  Call us toll free at 877-462-1588.


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