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Beyond The Mark

 It's time once again to showcase projects that display inspired planning, strict attention to detail and extraordinary effort throughout.

The use of natural building materials such as beautiful wood trees and timber and natural stone,

and the impassioned "heart-felt" exacting craftsmanship of true artisans are plainly demonstrated in each of these projects. 

The galleries below feature two uniquely designed projects.  The first project is in handcrafted log, while the second is in timber framing.


The first gallery is in the architectural style of handcrafted "scribe fit" log post and beam. 

Logs are Western Red Cedar components and the stone work used throughout is all natural. 

Other architectural elements include natural Cedar shake shingles for gable siding and a standing seam metal roof.


The second gallery is in the architectural style of handcrafted timber framing.  Interior design and themes are very strong and tasteful.

Of particular note is the very distinct exterior diagonal timber elements and a fireplace of unequalled stone masonry talent.


We trust these projects will also inspire others to see no limits as they "go beyond the mark".

Beyond The Mark...

Mastered Handcrafted Log Post & Beam

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Western Red Cedar



Beyond The Mark...

A Timber Framed Retreat

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Douglas Fir


Going Beyond The Mark...

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