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FAQs & Printable Fliers

This page is devoted to addressing some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive, and the best informational answers that we

can in turn offer.  We hope that you will find this information beneficial as you begin to plan your new dream home.  In addition, some of our most requested

plans and beautiful project photos, plus flyers with other good information are included below.  The flyers are formatted as PNG files, and in 300 DPI resolution

for a nice vivid presentation.  Due to the higher resolution of the files, download times are somewhat longer, depending on connection service and modem. 

At the bottom of this page is a 5 page Preliminary Questionnaire which can be used as a very useful tool to organize planning and act as a guide for our

 consultants to best serve you.  Please fill out this form and return it to our office if you would like free professional assistance in planning your project.

FAQs & Answers:

Q: What do White Eagle's home materials packages costs?  A: Our basic "Weathertight" shell packages start at about $27 per square foot and up,

although optional upgrades can run higher than this.  Our Handcrafters Selection Package options most often average from $50 per square foot and up.

Q: What will be the total cost of building our project?  

A: As a basic approach to estimating, some of our homes can be completed from about $95 a square foot and up. 

Most of our log and timber framed homes are in a range from $135 - $165 per square foot, on a basement with many high quality finishing elements. 

A wide range of variables all affect a completed cost, thus the wide range of costs.  A general approach mentioned in the industry is to allow 2.5-3 times

the cost of a very complete package, for a completed cost.  This would be even more if your package is not a very complete package of course. 

Our clients can select from our most complete package option, our Handcrafters Selection Package option,

to secure a very complete supply of building materials for your project.  An overview description of this option is included below.

Q: What is the most affordable way to build? 

A: First of all, always build it right the first time.  But in addition, all of our homes are affordable for their type of home, as we provide some of

the most competitive material and labor fees available anywhere.  Our ValueCrafted, our MillCrafted Log, and our CedarCrafted lines are

all very price competitive, with our Handcrafted Log, our Handcrafted Log Post & Beam and our Handcrafted Timber Frame lines generally somewhat higher. 

In all fairness to the handcrafted and complex timber framed lines, our clients often add many high quality upgrades,

making the entire project a high end custom approach.  Much of the price difference is usually based in large part on all of these other additional upgrades.

Q: How long does it all take?

A: Once blue prints are complete and the package is ordered, we have supplied and constructed a 1,500 square foot home in less than seven weeks. 

Normal time is often 3-6 months, and larger projects longer than that.

Q: Can I make changes or do you only have stock plans? 

A: Although we offer stock plans, almost 100% of our business is and always has been custom projects.  We also offer a wide selection of building systems,

hybrid combinations, and innovations.  Options are endless, and we look to deliver exactly the project your are looking for.

Q: How can we learn more about your homes and business? 

A: Contact us to arrange an appointment at one of our model home locations.  We also offer Construction Seminar Events,

Open House Events and/or Tour Of Homes Events, as well as Home Show Events and other events.  You can sometimes meet and speak to some

of our past or present clients at some of these events.  Please go to our Events Schedule to see our scheduled event dates, or just simply call or email us. 

Also, refer to the next question and answer (FAQ) below.

Q: Do you have any free information? 

A: Yes, you can find a lot of of free information at our resource center library.  Much of this information is available online as free downloads, while other

printed or recorded CD information can be mailed to you.  You can also subscribe to our Free Email Subscription, where you will our free emailed information

such as our "Plan Of The Month", plus flyers of events such as log or timber frame raisings, home show events, "Tour Of Homes" and other open house events,

seminars and more.  Visit: Free Resource Materials, or subscribe here:, Attn: Free Email Subscription.

Q: How can we get started? 

A: We are ready when you are!

 FAQs Fliers:

*Handcrafters Selection Materials  *Materials Package Selections  

1) To View A Flier Full Size In Some Browsers, First Click On Any Thumbnail Below.

2) Secondly, Click On The Expansion Icon That Appears On The Screen.  The Page Will Then Expand.

3) Pages Are Also Printable For A Full Size Document For Your Review

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Handcrafters Selection Materials

Materials Package Selections


The "Handcrafters Selection" Option refers to the building shell package, and includes the items listed, and some additional available options. 

The above information is intended as a general guide only, and any and all materials, labor, state taxes, and other costs must be confirmed.

Plans & Information Fliers:  A Few Of Our Most Requested Plans.

Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

The Snow Valley

The Caribou Ridge

The Spring Brook

The Clearcreek Valley

The Barry

The Gilmore

The Boulder Lodge

The Eagle Creek

The Smokey Gap

The Plum River

The Merrimack

The Pine Mountain


Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

Handcrafted Log 1

Handcrafted Log 2

Standard Series MillCrafted Log

Western Series MillCrafted Log

Handcrafted Log 3

European Market

The Eagle Creek Timber Frame

Timber Framed Options


Preliminary Questionnaire Form:

Let Us Assist You In Getting Started! 

Please take the time to print out and fill in the provided Preliminary Questionnaire form below.  This simple step will help you organize all of the

important information that will be extremely beneficial to us as we help you create that very special "award winning" design for your new project. 

You may also want to expand on the planning concept illustrated in the form by also including any additional information that you deem necessary for the project. 

When you have completed this requirement, simply return the information to our corporate office.

Corporate Office Address:

606 Ridge Crest Circle - Borden, Indiana, USA  47106

812.246.1444 Office - 206.203.0660 Fax - 877.462.1588 Toll Free 

Attention: Getting Started!

We know your are excited to get started and we look forward to hearing from you.

For the location of our office nearest you, please visit our Contact Us web page.   

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Preliminary Questionnaire

Page 1

Preliminary Questionnaire

Page 2

Preliminary Questionnaire

Page 3

Preliminary Questionnaire

Page 4

Preliminary Questionnaire

Page 5


 PDF Version: For a printable and clear PDF version of this file in Adobe Acrobat, please click here: PreliminaryQuestionnaire.pdf.

Note: To view this form, you will need a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit:  Once you are redirected to the Adobe web site, then just follow the prompts and you can download the newest version of Acrobat Adobe Reader. 

Look for the following icon:    This is a free download!

For a quote  on your custom project, email us at:


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