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Featured Plans

Although there are over 300 plans that are located within our Designs Galleries, we would like to present a few of those which are currently our

viewer's top picks.  From The Yankee Handcrafted Series, and custom designed by White Eagle Building Systems, these selections offer unique

charm and character.  These plans and additional White Eagle designs are all located within our White Eagle Series.

In our Featured Plans 1 section we have The Blue Ridge and The Mountain Laurel, two our favorite handcrafted log selections.

Scandinavian full scribe log joinery in applications of large log walls, and log roof and floor joist timbers are a focal theme, and dramatic open

floor plans are always desirable.  Both of these plans also offer a full lower level walkout  plan.

Our Featured Plans 2 showcases our most frequently requested timber framed plan, The Eagle Creek.  We are also previewing a brand new timber framed

 variation of this plan, named The Aspen.  At this time we are only showing the three levels of floor plans for The Aspen, along with 3D views of the

 timber frame and applied SIPS panels.  Please note that the elevations will be quite similar to The Eagle Creek, where all four elevations are presented.

In our Featured Plans 3 section we have The Boulder Lodge and The Clearcreek Valley, two our favorite handcrafted log post and beam selections.

 Scandinavian full scribe log joinery in large log post and beam applications are a focal theme.  Unlike handcrafted log wall projects, log post and beam

offers the beauty and mass of round log work, but with a flexible mix of finishing elements, such as in most timber framed projects. 

Both of these featured plans also offer a full lower level walkout plan.

Our Featured Plans 4 showcases The Virginia Farms, a stunning timber framed design, rich in tradition, and The Pauly Plan, a MillCrafted executive quality home. 

 Both plans offer tasteful amenities, in individualist unique architectural design.  The Pauly Plan is also featured on our Featured Specials 3 page,

offered for a very low $34 per square foot for the "weather tight" materials package.

In our Featured Plans 5 section, a couple of smaller plans are shown in our MillCrafted Pioneer Series 10" log option.  Here you will find The Patzau Prairie,

a beautiful two bedroom design, and The Drafting Cottage, a little "doll house."  Although small in size, these designs receive a lot of special attention,

presenting many possibilities for all sorts of applications.

For more plans from White Eagle Building Systems Inc., please visit: White Eagle Design Series:  Here you will find a collection of our most

of the popular White Eagle custom designs, and also including The Snow Valley, The Caribou Ridge, The Springbrook and The Smokey Gap.

 For assistance concerning any of the designs found in this chapter, or for custom architectural design services for your next project,

please send your request to:


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