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Handcrafted Cedar Homes

About Western Red Cedar: We offer our projects in a number of premium wood species, including Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, White Pine,

Lodgepole Pine, Spruce, and more.  The log materials selected for our handcrafted projects are grown primarily in Northwestern United States and Canada. 

All of our timber choices are hand selected for quality, appearance, and structural grade and integrity. 

Quality grades and selections of any of these wood species, along with skillful handcrafting technique, provide the primary basis for each  project we provide. 

Our Western Red Cedar wood option remains our #1 premium selection for our log materials.  It's exceptional character, stability, and natural resistance to

decay and insect attack are unequalled.  Our Western Red Cedar log materials are from British Columbia, Canada, where only the finest selections of this

wood species available anywhere in the world are harvested.

About Handcrafting Our Log Structures: For the "artisan at heart", a log home meticulously crafted by hand certainly has a spot reserved in the

elite section of all structural log home creations.  The vision and skill employed in expertly fashioning one tree to fit to another,

while preserving the natural shapes and contours of the tree, is simply unparalleled in any field of construction. 

Our handcrafting teams always strive for perfection in every one of our White Eagle handcrafted projects. 

44 New Designs Specific To Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Homes:  In special recognition of handcrafted Western Red Cedar log homes,

we are showcasing 44 brand new handcrafted log home designs.  These plans are located in our Canada Select design gallery.

There are three separate galleries, with each gallery categorized by a range of plan sizes. 

Links and additional information is located below.

The Canada Select Design Gallery Includes:

Canada Select Design Gallery 1 - Plans up to 2,200 square foot - a collection of 16 plans.

Canada Select Design Gallery 2 - Plans from To 2,201 - 3,499 square foot - a collection of 20 plans.

Canada Select Design Gallery 3 - Plans over 3,500 square foot - a collection of 8 plans.

Pricing Note: Log pricing for any of these home designs is available upon request.  Our quotes all include freight to the site,

and two site technicians accompanying the project at delivery to assist in the resetting of the log work.

Other Western Red Cedar Applications: White Eagle also offers Western Red Cedar for our milled log profiles, siding for our timber frame projects,

and a full bevy of Western Red Cedar materials for our "CedarCrafted Structures" option as noted in our Package Selections.


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