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Handcrafted Log Photo Gallery 1

Here are some photos featuring handcrafted log structures, using a Scandinavian full scribe method to skillfully fit the natural contour of one tree

as it has grown, to that of another.  Trees are individually chosen based on stringent standards, with Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir

being the respective materials for use in our log walls, posts, and structural elements. 

Average log diameter in our projects is 12" - 14" at the middle of the log, with the flared butt ends often 18" - 20" or more in diameter. 

For the "log connoisseur", this is truly the ultimate in craftsmanship and beauty, having stood the test of time and the hall of the critics. 

As cost comparisons go, a turnkey project in handcrafted Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir may run slightly higher than our milled log homes,

however the thermal mass and energy savings will recover the difference in a few short years.  The rewarding look and effect of a project hand built,

handcrafted, and displaying such beautiful massive timbers is nothing less than spectacular and priceless. 

With our different material packages, our clients can select from our most complete package option, our Handcrafters Selection Package option.

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