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Honest Abe Plans

Included in our varied design series are the attractive and affordable Honest Abe log and timber frame materials packages.

Our MillCrafted Standard Series, RuStick Series, and Sportsman Cabin Series packages are supplied in conjunction with Honest Abe.

We serve as an independent representative and builder for Honest Abe, having delivered new homes in the United States and Canada. 

Honest Abe Plans:  Visit Honest Abe Plans

Find three exceptional series of plans, along with "weather tight" shell materials packages.

Pre-priced packages can be found on MillCrafted Designs 1, MillCrafted Designs 3, MillCrafted Designs 5, as well as on

Featured Specials 1, Featured Specials 2, Featured Specials 3, and Featured Specials 4.  

Pricing for all of these plans includes 5 log wall profile options, and a timber framed option.


The Honest Abe Plans Series Includes:

- The MillCrafted Design Series -

Visit The MillCrafted Design Series

- The RuStick Series -

Visit The RuStick Series

- The Sportsman Cabin Series -

Visit The Sportsman Cabin Series

Beautiful plans designed for

affordability, curb appeal, and flexibility. 

These plans fit all budgets, from

cabins to estate homes. 

Choose from several log profiles, or

our affordable timber framed selection.

The beautiful look and feel of log home

living from a conventionally framed

structure.  Affordable, attractive,

and simplified construction, see our

newest plan selections all designed

for a very modest budget.

Small log cabin designs, ideal for

applications such as hunting cabins,

garden cottages, outdoor auxiliary

structures and more. 

Our most complete package is our

"Ultimate Package + Plus" option. 

For quality home packages at affordable rates, nothing compares to materials packages offered in the Honest Abe Plans galleries..

Quality, experience, reputation, service, & lifetime warranty, all bench marks of Honest Abe quality.

To view additional information regarding White Eagle's and Honest Abe's joint offerings, visit our following web pages:

MillCrafted Designs 1   MillCrafted Designs 2   MillCrafted Designs 3   MillCrafted Designs 4   MillCrafted Designs 5

 RuStick Series   Sportsman Cabin Series   Featured Specials 1   Featured Specials 2   Featured Specials 3   Featured Specials 4  

Log Wall Profile Options - Additional Package Options

Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge

- Quality Materials, Multiple Popular Selections -

8 Beautiful Log & Timber Framed Wall Profiles To Select From, Including


6" x 10" Original

Dovetail Corner

8" x 8" D Log

Butt-n-Pass Corner

6" x 12" D Log

Dovetailed Corner

8" x 12" D Log

Dovetailed Corner

6" x 12" Genesis

Dovetailed Corner

8" x 8" Round On Round

Interlocking Log Corner

10" Round Swedish Cope

Saddle Notch Log Corner

Timber Framed In

Douglas Fir

Other Popular Options Include:

- Timber Framed -

(Timber framed with SIPs Panels, beams & more!)

The Meridian



- RuStick -

(Conventionally framed with log siding, beams & more!)

The Kenton

Our Honest Value Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty:  

Our Honest Value Guarantee: No fancy advertising talk or special come-ons.  Just the plain truth.  Our Honest Abe Value Guarantee says it all. 

It's our promise that we will meet or beat the price of any of our competitor's comparable home package.  Simply acquire a detailed item-for-item

quote from another company, and if we find it to be lower that our package, we'll meet it.  Dollar for dollar, you can't find a better deal - guaranteed.

Our Lifetime Warranty: Our Lifetime Warranty also adds the peace of mind everyone expects and deserves.


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