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Realizing Their Log Home Dream  - Anna & Larry Nelson's Story

For years Anna and Larry had talked about building that very unique and perfect log home, a desire that many folks can relate to.  With a fondness for

natural materials and superb craftsmanship, log homes were an obvious choice.  The couple's eclectic collection of antique furniture and classic cars and trucks

were also a strong influence in all of their considerations.  Another natural and essential selection of course was the stone from their own business that they have

so wonderfully developed.  Thus, all of the elements were in place for this inevitable project and a decision was reached to fully pursue what they had for

so long seen in their own "mind's eye".   A trip to Louisville Kentucky was soon slated to come and visit various exhibitors in a log home show, in their quest

for selecting the supplier of their projects.  It was there in Louisville that we had the privilege of meeting this special couple, and soon thereafter design work

was underway for their new home.  Initial construction of their personal residence, and the residence of Larry's mother began soon after. 

This couple from Arkansas faced exceptional challenges during the process, meeting each and every challenge along the way. 

Now the rewards of their dedication and persistence are all coming to fruition, as their home is currently finishing up.  Some up-to-date photos of these

nearly completed projects are featured in the photo gallery below.

Project Notes

Both the Nelson residence and Mrs. William's residence (Larry's mother) are handcrafted homes, featuring full scribe saddled notched Douglas Fir log work,

stunning architecture, and large expanses of decks, open balconies and more.  And in fitting fashion, the central feature is the use of their own stone,

quarried right on their property, in diverse applications throughout the homes and the "hardscapes".  Nothing less the a perfect 10 is the score for Anna and Larry,

for truly they have delivered two masterpieces in gallant fashion.

The Photo Gallery:

 (Finished Photos Will Be Featured Upon Completion Of The Project's Landscaping, Drives, & Other!)

View A Slide Show Of This Project


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