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If you enjoy assisting people, and have an avid interest in the log home and timber framed home industry, please consider an exiting career with

White Eagle Building Systems Inc

We are interested in select qualified individuals who aspire to a rewarding career in the rapidly expanding log home and timber framed home industry.  Find our why so many quality conscious buyers from all walks of life and occupations are choosing log and timber framed homes as their primary home.  Enjoying and living this life style has become the dream of thousands of folks world wide.  One of our goals is to make that dream possible, and to have that team who can help make this a reality for everyone.

Nothing compares to the reward of helping a client design and deliver that beautiful new log or timber framed home. 

If you have looked for a unique career with unlimited potential

and wonderful rewards, this may be your time to realize your dreams. 

Excellent Marketing Opportunities:

Professional Sales Associate (PSA)

Independent Representative (IR)

Other Opportunities:: Skilled Tradesmen

Professional Sales Associate (PSA) & Independent Representative (IR). 

White Eagle offers an "open door" invitation, presenting excellent opportunity to work in the rapidly expanding and exciting

log and timber frame home industry.  Choose from any of three program levels, with the PSA or IR program best suited for one's individual needs.

We provide full access to all our out diversified product lines, access to all sales materials, specific training,

full team support, and global marketing opportunity.

Access to any or all of our construction services. 

A great consideration, helping our PSA's or IR's to finalize and deliver their projects.  

An ideal program for all of our log and timber framed home buyers, current or former log or timber home sales professionals,

experienced realtors and other home sales professionals.

Compensation: An excellent performance & incentive based compensation package for all successful PSA's and IAR's.

Desired Qualifications:

    1) Option 1: The purchase and construction of one of the residential or commercial building packages,

standard or custom design, currently offered by White Eagle Building Systems Inc.

    2) Option 2: The ability to generate, develop, and complete the sales of White Eagle Building Systems Inc. home packages.

    3) High character and business references are required.

    4) Professional Sales Associate (PSA) or Independent  Representative (IAR) training is required.

    5) The willingness to participate in certain trade show, open house, and/or other events.

    6) The willingness to adhere to all proper business practices and policies.

Contact Us:

To learn more about the exciting opportunities on our Professional Sales Associate or Independent Representative team,

Please email your information request to:

Attn: Independent Representative Opportunity

Skilled Tradesmen

We are currently taking applications and interviewing for "top notch" project managers, log smiths, and timber framers. 

Our projects are designed and produced at the highest possible standards, and we welcome like minded individuals to join our ever expanding team. 

Applicants must demonstrate excellent skills in project leadership, communications, and an in depth understanding of blue prints,

skills in log and timber joinery applications, package re-assembly, and finishing technique. 

If you lack the experience in any of these skills, we also offer entry level or intermediate developmental programs, providing both classroom and field instruction.

Advancement:  We offer full opportunity to every team member, and will always help you to go straight to the "top of the ladder".

Compensation: Excellent scale, with performance incentives for skillful workmanship meeting all time constraints.

Desired Qualifications:

    1) Diversified experience in log and timber framed projects, residential and commercial applications.

    2) The experience and skills to manage a log, timber framed, or other project from start to completion. 

Close tolerance for all levels of workmanship is a full time requirement.  Several project references and contact phone numbers are essential.

    3) The ability to provide leadership skills and manage a crew throughout the project.

    4) Willingness to travel as projects require. 

    5) High personal character and strong work references are required.

Contact Us:

To learn more about the exciting opportunities on our Skilled Tradesmen team,

Please email your information request to:

Attn: Skilled Tradesmen Division

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* If you would like more information the above opportunities, please email your request to

 "White Eagle Career Opportunities" in our general mailbox at: Thank you.


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