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Owner Built Program

White Eagle offers a diverse program of building material packages, innovative construction techniques, and construction programs

designed to best serve our client's individual needs and interests.  With the cost of goods and services always on the increase,

we continually strive to help everyone achieve ownership of their own special home or project, and at the most affordable and efficient means possible. 

With this commitment, we also offer our Owner Built Program

Management Assistance: Our Owner Built Program provides the clients (owners) with all of the necessary professional leadership and services,

project paperwork, and ongoing guidance and structure to affordably build the home of their dreams. 

Potential Savings: Typically, savings realized from our Owner Built Program can amount to 10% - 25% or more off of the project cost. 

This option, compounded with our building materials packages generally averaging 10% - 25% less than the cost of

most packages offered industry wide can add up to very significant savings for the client's (owners). 

Personal Satisfaction: Perhaps most important is the ability to achieve the reward and satisfaction of having personally delivered

a lasting treasure for generations to come, with an intelligent application of one's own planning, effort, and care.

The Process: Below is an overview of some of the many features included in our Owner Built Program, and how the program works.

- Architectural Design -

Start with a great design that delivers exceptional curb appeal, function that follows form,

and target the project cost budget that you want to be at and are financially qualified for.

- Planning & Estimating -

Once design is complete, White Eagle will provide assistance in bid gathering and assembly of paperwork for your lender and personal use. 

With this assistance, the clients (owners) will be able to: 1) Gather quotes for any materials that may fall outside of available material package inclusions

2) Gather quotes for labor services that may fall outside of available package reset labor from our company 3)  Meet with our professional Consultant or

Project Manager for a review of bids and terms 4) Quickly assemble this information into a format that organizes information for the client's own understanding

5) Assemble all bid information into a comprehensive project cost projection format for the lender and appraiser, and for the client's own personal records.

- Construction Initiation -

Once the finance provisions are concluded, then the construction arrangements can be initiated.  A Consultant or Project Manager from

White Eagle will then assist to help establish all sequencing and create a flow chart time line of scheduling

for the basis of an easy to follow guide.  With this in place, applying for and securing of all permits, ordering of

the building materials package and finalizing of all agreements with other subcontractors and suppliers can be concluded.

- Project Consultation & Management -

Once construction is underway, White Eagle Building Systems offers to provide the full level of consultation or project management guidance

that the clients (owners) have need of.  Cost of our involvement is reduced, while only the necessary professional guidance is supplied.  We will maintain our

 involvement as long as necessary, and yet allow the clients (owners) to have and maintain full control while acting as their own General Contractor in the process.

- Project Progress, Contract Management, & Payment Dispersal -

One critical element for insuring the success of every project is to make sure that payments are made at an appropriate time,

and are based on successful completion of all of the contractual requirements for each payment draw authorized. 

From the initial review in the planning stage, to the actual dispensing of the payments, White Eagle will assist in all such matters.

 - Site Visits & Project Progress Review -

Throughout the process there is a need for site visits from one of our Consultants or Project Managers

Typical scheduling of such visits include: initial planning, project construction start up, continual monitoring of job progress, and a final review. 

- Final Review -

At the point that the clients (owners) have either concluded construction of the project, or are at a level of comfort

where our services are no longer deemed necessary, we will terminate our involvement, and the clients (owners) can then assume

full independent management responsibilities of their project.  Even after full completion of any and all contracted services provided by

White Eagle Building Systems, the clients (owners) will always have ongoing free technical assistance available by phone or email.


The Owner Built Program from White Eagle Building SystemsLet us help you realize your dream!

For more information on our construction services, visit Construction Services.


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