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Package Selections

 Package Selections: As our business has grown and we have responded to market requests, we now have expanded the package selection choices

to include several primary types.  Some of these groups also have several variations of that type of group, so the options are quite numerous. 

All of these building packages are precision crafted with great care to insure the quality of materials, workmanship, completeness of package, and affordability. 

Listed below is an outlined summary of each of these building systems and package selections groups, and some of the numerous options included. 

We have categorized the package selections into five essential groups, with additional variations of the package selection groups also noted on this web page.

Package Selections: The printable fliers offered below outline 5 of our log or timbered package groups. 

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Log & Timber Framed

Scandinavian Full Scribe

Handcrafted Log

Full Scribe Handcrafted

 Log Post & Beam

Mortise & Tenon

Complex Timber Framed

Panelized TimberCrafted

& CedarCrafted

- Wood Selections -

Special care goes into selecting only the finest timbers for our home packages.  Wood species most commonly used include

Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, White Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Hemlock, and more. 

Douglas Fir is used in the majority of our timber framed homes. 

In our log homes, Douglas Fir is often used for structural components such as girders, floor joists, rafters or purlins, and more. 

In the photo gallery directly below viewers can see the magnitude and quality of typical Douglas Fir logs upon arrival to the yard. 

We also offer timbers dried in the world's only forty foot long Radio Frequency/ Vacuum (RF/V) kiln. 

Quality fiber and experienced milling are critical in producing timbers that will go through the KD process with minimal distortion.

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- Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series Packages -


In our popular Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series log home packages, we offer our largest log profile selections.

These selections include a variety of profiles, exceptional long lengths and large diameters, and other options.

Log materials are all well seasoned Spruce or Lodgepole Pine, selected for appearance and in accordance with very stringent TPI grade standards.

Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and other popular log species are also available upon request.


Log Profile Selections

Swedish cope & saddle notch: Diameters range from 6" to 18", with lengths up to 60'.

Other large log profiles include our Mountain Hewn dovetail logs and our saddle notched D-logs.

Our "Profile Match" log siding and full log corner options provide a complementary matching log look for framed walls or buildings.


When the project demands more, select from the Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series.

For details and to learn more, visit: The Pioneer Series.

- The Pendley Design -

Shown In 12" Pioneer Series Custom Craft Log Work

The Pendley Design (above) and the featured home below are just a few examples.

The Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series - For the client that prefers large uniform round logs and beamery. 

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Plans featured in the RCM CAD Design Series on this web site are ideal for construction utilizing round profile

 Swedish cope saddle notched log work, as well as  Mountain Hewn dovetail logs or saddle notched D-logs.

  The finished interiors photos above and the RCM designs below well reflect the exceptional quality, beauty, and appeal of our

Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series log homes.

- The Snoqualmie Pass - - The Cloudcroft - - The Pine Mountain - - The Arrowhead - - The Camden Farms -

For details and to learn more, visit: The Pioneer Series.

Standard MillCrafted Series Option:  Popular and very affordable log and timber framed style profiles include:

a) Our 8" x 8" D Log Profile with a butt and pass corner style.  

Also Available In D profile: Saddle notched interlocking corners, in the following MillCrafted sizes: 8" x 10", 8" x 12", 10" x 10", 10" x 12", & 12" x 12".

b) Our 8" x 8" Round On Round Logs with interlocking corners.

c) Our 6" x 12" squared logs with dovetailed corners and hand hewing options. 

Also Available in squared & dovetailed profile in all of the following MillCrafted sizes: 8" x 10", 8" x 12", 10" x 10", 10" x 12", & 12" x 12".

d) Our 6" x 10" squared logs with dovetailed corners, chinking for a traditional Appalachian mountain style, and hewing options.  

In "Option b, c, d, & e" logs are available in full properly kiln dried TPI graded and pre-cut log walls. 

Our most frequently selected wood species include Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar.

f) Our basic "no frills" timber framed package is also available, complete with full shell materials. 

Simple and efficient mortise and tenon joinery keeps this package attractive, practical, and very affordable. 

g) Our affordable RuStick Series package offering, featuring a conventionally framed home with the look and feel of a genuine log home.

h) Our Sportsman Cabin Series package selection,

offering small kiln dried log packages intended as hunting or fishing cabins, garden cottages, playhouses, or other similar small structure applications.

For details and to learn more, visit: MillCrafted Photos.

Also Available By Request: D Logs & squared dovetailed logs in profiles of 8" x 10", 8" x 12", 10" x 10", 10" x 12" and 12" x 12" profiles,

along with saddle notch corners, draw knife finish or hand hewed finish, feature carving, and more. 

Handcrafted Log Option

Wall systems and other structural components are large profile logs, expertly fit in full scribe and handcrafted methods.

Precision fitting of large full length logs in their natural form, after the bark is removed. 

The contour of one log is then precisely fit to the contour of another log, as only a master log smith can perform.  

Wall logs averaging 12" - 14" mid span diameter, and in lengths to 50' or more.  

Log species is most commonly used is either Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Engelmann Spruce, or Hemlock.

Our most requested wall material is Western Red Cedar, with Douglas Fir selected for the choice for structural log elements. 

Walls are pre-drilled throughbolts, and can be predrilled for electric, as well as mortised, beveled, and sanded for electrical boxes

and wall slots are cut in the log walls for the interior partition's wall board and trim. 

Protection is applied from UV rays and mildew.  Our quotes include freight and reset labor for the log and timber package. 

For details and to learn more, visit: Handcrafted Log Photos.

Handcrafted Log Post & Beam Option

This building technique is similar to traditional timber framing application, wherein the buildings skeleton superstructure employs the

use of timbered posts and connecting horizontal beamery.   In this application however, the timbered work is all done in

scribe fit handcrafted logs, posts and log beams, instead of the squared profile beamery typical of traditional timber framing. 

Framed walls or SIPS panels are then used as the exterior wall systems

between or outside of the posts, creating an excellent blend of logs and conventional finishes such as stone, siding, and other. 

This system can be easily added as a feature in great rooms, dining, kitchen, or other areas in a hybrid approach. 

For details and to learn more, visit: Log Post & Beam Photos.

Handcrafted Round Log "Piece en Piece" Option

This technique utilizes handcrafted logs, posts, and beams, but with handcrafted logs filling the spaces between the posts

as the exterior wall materials.  The final product is extremely attractive and displays all the beauty of handcrafted log work. 

Appalachian Mountain Series Option

Logs are hand hewn broad axe squared & dovetailed, for an authentic chinked package using very large profile log work. 

For a traditional pioneer style home, this is a very popular selection. 

For details and to learn more, visit: Handcrafted Dovetail Corner Photo.

Norwegian Handcrafted Option

Handcrafted full length logs, full scribe fit, using Nordic Pine (pinus silvestrus), Spruce, or Siberian Larch.  Logs are dimensioned

to approximately 9" wide x 12" - 18" high, with a pronounced V groove chamfer.  Standard packages also include: Dried timbers, all prebuilt log walls,

log gables, laminated log purlins, log posts and screw jacks, Siberian Larch decking, and much more.  Here are a few examples in the gallery below. 

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Handcrafted Timber Framed Option

Traditional mortise and tenon joinery of large scale and dimensioned timbers are the heart of this package line. 

High performance SIPS panel enclosures for energy efficiency, Loewen windows and exterior doors, select grade tongue and groove decking,

engineered TGI floor systems with engineered girders and Advantec flooring, Cedar siding and fascia material, interior framing, wall board materials,

decks and porches, and much more make this one of the finest and most complete timber frame packages available. 

Hammerbeam trusses, curved knee braces and struts, smooth planing and sanding of the timbers, chamfering of edges, carving options,

plus optional pre-oiling or pre-finishing of the frame, t & g decking, or siding and fascia all add to the value. 

Our quotes include freight to your site, with options for reset labor of the timber frame and "dry in" shell.

Wood Species Of Choice: Most of our timber frame projects are cut in Douglas Fir, the wood species noted in the first gallery on this web page.  

View Photos Of The Eagle Creek, A Timber Frame Home - click here:  Timber Framed Photos.

TimberCrafted Option

Included are hybrid combinations of any of our other building systems in innovative and architecturally satisfying creative designs. 

Thinking and working "outside of the envelope" to provide new and refreshing ways of delivering high quality structures, while combining round,

square, and other geometric forms with a full complement of stone, slate, glass, metal, and other quality materials.

This is for the discerning client interested in a pure custom architectural approach, yielding strong curb appeal, form to function, and superior vision. 

CedarCrafted Option

An excellent framed structure package selection, as noted in the CedarCrafted Designs web page on this web site. 

Building materials also include all engineered TGI floor systems and girders, all Western Red Cedar siding, fascia, trim, and interior paneling,

as well as windows, doors, door hardware, trim, shingles, garage package if shown, stairs, and so much more. 

All exterior 2" x 6" walls are pre-built and sheathed.  Interior walls are also pre-built, roof trusses are pre-engineered specific to your package,

and the entire package can be quickly erected at the site. 

Options include our EnerWall System, using pre-built 5 1/2" TGI stud walls, pre-insulated with foam and sheathing applied. 

Other options included exposed laminated beams, exposed heavy timber beams, or add a complex heavy timber frame, plus decks, rails, freight, and more. 

As in all of our package selections, consultation, technical assistance, and reset labor are also available. 

For a large log look, options include substitution of log siding and log corners for the cedar siding and paneling, our Super R-Log System option. 

For details and to learn more, visit: CedarCrafted Designs.

ValueCrafted Option 

Our ValueCrafted home option offers most all of the special qualities of our Crafted In Cedar option selection, but with a cost saving approach. 

The framing and super structure elements are essentially the same, without exposed timbers.  Doors, windows, siding, trim, and wall finishes

employ more standard building materials for the most affordable method possible.  This selection is a favorite for starter homes, empty nesters,

weekend getaways, second homes, commercial stores, and wherever budgets are minimal. 

And with all of our packages, freight and reset labor are also available. 

For details and to learn more, visit: ValueCrafted Designs.

Alternative Options

For commercial or residential applications, we also offer insulated concrete wall systems and steel framed buildings.

For Quad-Lock insulated concrete wall and floor systems, visit Quad-Lock ICF.

For metal roof and metal buildings, visit Metal Roof & Buildings.

Other References  

To view our most complete package option, view our: Handcrafters Selection Package.

To view other log related products, including log railing, log stairs, and more, visit: The Log & Timber Store.

To view our handcrafted doors and door hardware, visit: The Door Store.

Phyto-Sanitary Certification is available for our wood products for countries requiring this certification, such as in our European market.


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