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R.C.M. Handcrafted Log Design Gallery 12

White Eagle Building Systems joins with R.C.M. CAD Design Drafting, LTD. in presenting this twelfth gallery of attractive designs.  

These plans are designed for construction with our a) full scribe Handcrafted Log package selection, b) our Pioneer Series MillCrafted

round log package selection, c) timber framed designs are available in our Handcrafted Timber Frame package selection. 

This section of beautiful plans showcases outstanding large scale plans, ideal for spectacular applications. 

With the exception of The Log Chalet, a tidy smaller log home plan, this particular gallery of designs offers several contemporary styled homes. 

The Butterfly is our featured design, offering an attractive mid-sized floor plan, while utilizing the high energy efficiency of SIPS panels for exterior walls and roof. 

The Dovetail, our second featured design offers a compact one bedroom design with clean lines and focus, an excellent consideration for a weekend getaway.

The Malibu, our final plan in this series, offers a considerable number of specialty amenities and upscale design, and all within a more moderate sized floor plan.

With R.C.M.'s design work our client's can view full renderings and isometric realistic conceptualizations of the log wall and structural log shell,

as well as the finished structure.  Drawings can include lighting, cabinets, furniture, stairs, railings, windows and doors, all partitions, etc.,

while outside renderings can be viewed with the structure viewed on it's actual building site.  The powerful CAD software employed at R.C.M.

can also allow clients to enjoy a Virtual Movie and experience an animated full walk though tour of their future home. 

All of these excellent designs are available with options for

Handcrafted Log, MillCrafted, Log Post & Beam, Timber Framed, CedarCrafted, ValueCrafted, and more! 

For more information, contact us through our web site, or visit online.

- The Log Chalet -

Click On Any Perspective Or Floor Plan Below To Enlarge!

- The Log Chalet - 

980 Sq. Ft. 


2 Bedrooms

3 Baths

Open Sitting Room

Open Kitchen & Dining

Upper Exterior Balcony

Covered & Open Decks

2 Sided See-Thru Fireplace

Open Car Port


Building Style Shown:

Round Milled Log, Level 1

Log Post & Beam, Level 2


The Log Chalet, Isometric View 1

The Log Chalet, Isometric View 2

The Log Chalet, Interior View 1

The Log Chalet, Interior View 2

The Log Chalet, Main Level

The Log Chalet, Upper Level


- The Log Nest -

Click On Any Perspective Or Floor Plan Below To Enlarge!

- The Log Nest -

 963 Sq. Ft. 


2 Bedrooms & 1 Bath

Open Upper

Clerestory Cupola

Open Kitchen, Dining,

& Living Room

Masonry Fireplace

Covered Entry Portal

Open Arbored Patio


Building Style Shown:

Round Milled Log, Level 1

Attractive Hipped Roof


The Log Nest, Isometric View 1

The Log Nest, Isometric View 2

The Log Nest, Isometric View 3

The Log Nest, Main Level


- The Butterfly -

Click On Any Perspective Or Floor Plan Below To Enlarge!

- The Butterfly -  

1,669 Sq. Ft. 


2-3 Bedrooms

2 Baths

 Open Kitchen, Dining,

& Great Room


Bedroom Office

Wood Burning Fireplace

Covered Entry Porch

Front & Rear Patio On Grade


Building Style Shown:

SIPS Panels With Siding

Contemporary Styling


The Butterfly, Isometric View 1

The Butterfly, Isometric View 2

The Butterfly, Isometric View 3

The Butterfly, Interior View 1

The Butterfly, Main Level


- The Dovetail -

Click On Any Perspective Or Floor Plan Below To Enlarge!

- The Dovetail -  

980 Sq. Ft. 


1 Bedroom

1.5 Baths

Open Kitchen, Dining,

& Sitting Room

Upper Loft

Clerestory Glass

Stoned Fireplace

Covered Car Port

 Covered Porch


Building Style Shown:

Dovetailed Log

Log Post & Beam Above

The Dovetail, Isometric View 1

The Dovetail, Isometric View 2

The Dovetail, Interior View 1

The Dovetail, Interior View 2

The Dovetail, Main Level

The Dovetail, Upper Level


- The Malibu -

Click On Any Perspective Or Floor Plan Below To Enlarge!

- The Malibu -

2,656 Sq. Ft. 


3 Bedrooms

2.5 Baths

Open Kitchen, Dining,

& Living Room

Mud Room, Laundry Room

Covered Front Entries

Hot Tub & Pool

Covered Patios & Upper Deck

Fireplace, Expansive Glass


Building Style Shown:

Contemporary Log Post & Beam

 Strikingly Strong Curb Appeal


The Malibu, Isometric View 1

The Malibu, Isometric View 2

The Malibu, Isometric View 3

The Malibu, Interior View 1

The Malibu, Interior View 2

The Malibu, Main & Upper Levels


We hope you have enjoyed viewing this exciting collection of design work from R.C.M. CAD Design Drafting, LTD. 

For information on any of these designs, you may email your request to:,

or just contact the office of White Eagle Building Systems.

A special thanks to Cyril Courtois and his staff for this wonderful contribution and outstanding collection. 


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