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The Log & Timber Store

To compliment our diverse building systems and construction services,

White Eagle also offers a large host of additional quality log and timber related products.  

For log and timber framed cottages, log furniture, log stairs, log hand railings, gazebos, authentic pine flooring,

carved fireplace mantels, and much more, please see photo galleries and information below.

To view our log and furniture products line, visit: The Log Furniture Store.

For finely handcrafted doors & door hardware, please visit: The Door Store.

Products For Your New Or Existing Home

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Ornate Log Options

Log Trusses

Draw Knife Finishes

Crafted In Cedar Home, EnerWall Insulation

Straight Log Stairs & Log Hand Railings

Feature Log Post & Turned Log Stairs

Log Beds & Furniture

Log Beds & Furniture 2

EnerLog Options

Straight Log Stairs & Log Railings

Many Profiles & Species Of Log Siding

Carvings For Your Project


Damond Notch & Other Log Corner Options

Round Log Gazebos & Round Log Roof Options

Timber Framed Gazebos

Timber Framed Roofs

Carved Mantles

High Perfomance Fireplaces, Mantles

Pine Floor 1

Pine Floor 2

Pine Floor 3

Pine Floor 4

Pine Floor 5

Pine Floor 6

Log Or Timber Framed Cottages & Gazebos - Crafted In Cedar & ValueCrafted Homes - EnerLog & EnerWall Insulating Options - Log Furniture

Log Stairs - Log Railings - Log Siding - Heavy Timber Roofs - Log Corner Options - Fireplaces & Carved Mantles- Log Carvings - Pine Flooring


The European Cottage Gallery


See Also:  European Designs 1    European Designs 2    Europeans Designs 3 - Cabins & Cottages


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Cottage 1

Cottage 1 Floor Plans

Cottage 2 Upper Level

Cottage 3

Cottage 2

Cottage 2 Main Level

Cottage 3 Floor Plans

The Classic Cabin


For a free quote on cottages, log siding, authentic pine flooring, gazebos, and other options,

email your request to

Custom Handrails

Custom Cedar Log Railing Systems * Beautiful Northern White Cedar * Designed To Fit Your Home

Residential & Commercial Applications * Shipped Within 4 Weeks Of Order Date * Installation Available

Free Quote:

Free Quotations Based On Your Drawings!

For a free quote on custom log stairs, log handrail, or log furniture,

email your request to

Home Care Products

Stains, Borates & Other Topical Care Products: For lasting protection for your home investment, 

select environmentally friendly stains, borates, and other fine wood care products available from White Eagle Building Systems.

Wool Insulation: For the best in healthy handcrafted log & frame wall insulating, upgrade your home to nature's best by selecting wool.

Below are a few photos for great wool options from The Good Shepherd.  Call us today and find out why wool is safer

and more energy efficient for your new project, and for a free quote for your project!


Insulating Corners & Lateral Grooves

Handcrafted Doors

For finely handcrafted doors & door hardware, please visit: The Door Store.

Online Designs

More Free Online Plans & Information!  Currently this web site features hundreds of plans and photos, and volumes of quality information. 

View our online EagleCrafters Planning Guide & Portfolio to find dozens of exciting plans and colored photos, and an abundance of

quality information to help you plan and design your new dream home or special project.  Just click on the link above!

For attractive and printable FAQ's & Answers Flyers, Plans Flyers, and Photos & Information Flyers, visit:  FAQ's & Printable Flyers

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