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Timber Frame Photo Gallery 1

In this gallery you will see a few timber framed projects, another type of popular building systems that we offer. 

These Projects Include The Following Material & Services Package:

* Handcrafted dimensioned timbers in traditional complex mortise and tenon timber framed joinery.

* Timber selections of Douglas Fir, White Pine, Oak, and Hemlock. 

* Hammer beam & other truss configurations, curved knee braces, chamfered edges, hardwood pegs.

* Special penetrating seal applied to timber frame.

* SIPS panels enclosures for walls and roof.

* Tongue and groove decking for roof and second floor ceiling.

* Loewen windows & exterior doors.

* 2 site technicians for resetting of timber frame.

* Materials banded & wrapped for shipment. 

* Additional material and labor options also available.

With our different material packages, our clients can select from our most complete package option, our Handcrafters Selection Package option. 

Our MillCrafted selection also offers a very affordable timber frame, using a simplistic approach in joinery and design.

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To View Our Timber Framed Plan Galleries, Click Here: Timber Frame Designs 1 or Timber Frame Designs 2


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